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Lectures, Seminars & Health Retreats

Dr. Said periodically conducts lectures, seminars, and health retreats for health care professionals as well as the general public. Please check the Calendar of Events to know his teaching schedule. If you are interested in attending any of his classes, please contact his office for details.

The topics for Dr. Said’s talks, seminars and health retreats will be featured on this website. Many of his seminars and health retreats are conducted at Open Door Ranch, run by Dr. Said and his wife, Ronda, near Orofino, Idaho. If you have interest in attending these events, please contact Dr. Said’s office.

Educational DVDs & CDs

As Dr. Said lectures and conducts his various seminars and health retreats, many of his talks are audio or video taped and produced into CD or DVD format. As these are completed, they will be featured here and be made available for purchase. Additionally, as other health leaders, researchers and innovators produce CDs or DVDs that Dr. Said wants to similarly feature, these, too, will be made available.