Dr. Said is known internationally for specializing in complex and difficult cases. With over thirty-five years of clinical experience as a physician of integrative and natural medicine, Dr. Said not only understands the body, he understands people. He also understands the physical, emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual effects of stress, trauma and lifestyle.

Combining his capacity to understand the subtleties and uniqueness of each individual, with his sensitive and compassionate skill of listening, Dr. Said systematically identifies the underlying causes and processes leading to disease, fatigue, pain, and distress. With the insight of pertinent laboratory and physical evaluation, he targets weakened organs and damaged physiology, and develops comprehensive natural protocols designed to efficiently and effectively facilitate a clear path to health.

Beyond physical health, Dr. Said’s breadth of knowledge encompasses the issues of our relational lives.  His approach to health deals not only with improving the quality of our physical bodies, but also with the development of our character and improving the quality of our relationships.