Residential Health Care

Open Door Ranch

Dr. Said also manages Open Door Ranch with his wife, Ronda. They have dedicated their ranch to spreading the message of health in all its ramifications, from physical recovery from disease, to healthy lifestyle development, to building lasting and healthy relationships, to cultivating moral and spiritual health from a purely biblical perspective.

In service to their mission, the Said’s have opened up their ranch to residential patients for a month at a time in a program called “30 Days to Get Your Life Back!” This is a rigorous program to turn your life around when all else has failed. The intent of the program is to stimulate, regenerate and coordinate the many systems of the body to be able to efficiently function and heal.

Dr. Said tailors each patient’s protocol to their specific needs, based upon a thorough evaluation of each person’s presenting condition. Then, in addition to following each person’s unique daily regimen, every participant partakes of what the ranch provides to bolster the general needs of recovery.

These include:

  • Two delicious and nutrient rich raw food vegan meals per day prepared by our wonderfully competent raw food vegan chefs.
  • Daily dry saunas using far infrared.
  • Daily hot and cold soaks from hot tub to cold tub, through seven invigorating cycles.
  • Daily sunbathing and walks in the fresh mountain air, surrounded by nature in her pristine and wilderness state.
  • Daily use of detoxifying foot soaks.
  • Daily use of additional modalities targeting specific patient needs, from additional hydrotherapies, to poultices, green smoothies, fresh vegetable juices, herbal teas, herbal packs, physiotherapies, ImpulseWork, counseling, massage, and other pertinent bodywork.

Open Door Ranch, situated near Orofino, Idaho, is currently taking residential patients. For anyone seeking additional information, kindly contact Dr. Said’s office »