Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between an “In-Office Appointment” and a “Phone Appointment” with Dr. Said?

The only difference is that instead of speaking with Dr. Said in person at his office, you are speaking with him in person on the telephone. Whether in-office or by phone, testing procedures and treatment protocols, including such recommendations as nutrition and diet, are identical.

Many people across the US and abroad are unable to come to Dr. Said’s office, and are pleased to have access to him from their home state or country. Many others with much closer access to Dr. Said’s office prefer phone appointments for the convenience of not having to leave their homes or businesses.

What is the COST for Phone Consultations with Dr. Said?

15 Minutes $62.50
30 Minutes $125
45 Minutes $187.50
1 Hour $250

How much time will each phone consultation take?

Initial Appointment for First Time Patient: 15 minutes
Appointment for Reviewing Initial Tests & Lab Results: 45 minutes to 1 hour
Appointment for Reviewing Follow-Up Tests & Lab Results: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Appointment for Simple Follow-Up: 15 minutes
Appointment for Complex Follow-Up: 30 minutes

What can I expect during each consultation?

  1. Your first consultation will be scheduled for 15 minutes. Dr. Said will discuss your health concerns and outline the necessary information to be obtained, including previous reports and lab results, and the preferred labs to be done. Dr. Said’s staff will send you all the necessary lab documentation and test kits, and will guide you through getting the labs completed and sent to the appropriate testing facilities. His staff will also facilitate obtaining any supporting documentation (like previous labs and reports) from other health care facilities that Dr. Said may require before your next consultation. After your first consultation, you will be asked to complete the new patient questionnaire.

  2. Your second phone appointment is typically scheduled for 1 hour. During this time, Dr. Said will review your completed health questionnaire, supporting documentation and lab data, and will discuss the details of your case at length. To facilitate your recovery, Dr. Said will also make specific recommendations which may include dietary, nutritional, botanical, and hormonal support. At the end of your first 1-hour consultation, Dr. Said will suggest follow-up consultations for ongoing evaluation. Follow-up labs will be scheduled as Dr. Said deems appropriate to properly monitor your progress.

  3. Follow-up appointments will be typically scheduled for either 15 or 30 minutes, at Dr. Said’s recommendation, depending upon the data to be reviewed and the information to be discussed. An extensive follow-up appointment covering multiple test and lab results may be scheduled for as long as 45 minutes. Sometimes you may have a more urgent need for a follow-up consultation earlier than your next scheduled appointment. To have Dr. Said address your more immediate need, simply book a sooner 15 minute appointment.

Can I bill my Insurance for lab fees?

If you have insurance or Medicare coverage, the lab will often bill your carrier directly. However, depending upon lab coverage by your insurance carrier, some labs may require personal payment. The lab will then send you a receipt which you would submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement, depending upon your particular insurance policy. Medicare covers most blood work and many additional lab tests. Dr. Said will advise you of Medicare’s specific coverage.

What if I am personally paying for labs fees?

If your insurance carrier does not pay for lab fees, you are responsible to pay for them at the time of service. If your lab work is done by LabCorp, you will receive a discounted price by paying Dr. Said’s professional rate.

In order to give you this discount, when Dr. Said orders your blood profile with LabCorp, you will pay the lab fee directly to Dr. Said’s office, and his office will pay the lab for you. Of course you have the option to pay LabCorp directly. Using Dr. Said’s account, however, provides considerable savings.

For all other labs, you will pay each lab directly when you send in your lab samples. Dr. Said extends the courtesy of having his patients only pay the doctor’s cost on all labs.

How do I pay for supplements?

If Dr. Said makes specific supplement recommendations, he will advise you of how and where you may obtain these supplements. Some can be purchased directly from Dr. Said’s office. Others will come directly to you from the manufacturer, or from a compounding pharmacist. Some supplements can be obtained from your local health food store. Dr. Said will advise specifically in each case. Your cost of supplementation will be paid to the appropriate supplier.

What if I’m working with another physician and I’m on prescription drugs?

Dr. Said is very accustomed to working with patients who also see other physicians and are taking prescription medications. Dr. Said will address each medication directly.

Ordinarily he will request that you have your prescription medications evaluated by the prescribing physician to determine how much of each medicine is still needed as you progress through your treatment protocol with Dr. Said.

Oftentimes, the dosages of other medicines are reduced and many are eventually stopped as your body recovers with the support of appropriate dietary and supplemental regimes.

What if I’m on nutritional supplementation?

Dr. Said will evaluate your current nutritional protocol in light of lab data, history, and current health status. Where appropriate, he will suggest continuing with supplements your may already be taking. Otherwise, Dr. Said will make further recommendations for supplementation beyond your current regime.

What if I need to reach Dr. Said’s staff for assistance?

You may reach Dr. Said’s staff by phone at (541) 773-8111.
All faxed information is sent to Dr. Said’s office at (888) 814-4916.
You may also email the office at